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 "Rangers Lead the Way"

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Join us on Wednesday, September 21, at 8am for our 2nd Annual Donuts with Dads event in our library.

Car riders should be dropped off in the front of the school on Magnolia.  The bus routes are posted below.
Check out Keller's federal report card, and Pasadena ISD's federal report card.
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Below are the school supply lists for 5th and 6th grade, as well as a video about car riders for the school year.           
Important Information!!
2016-2017 Code of Conduct16 June, 2016 04:03 PMDEble345 KB
2016-2017 Codigo de Conducta16 June, 2016 04:04 PMDEble378 KB
2016-2017 PISD Dress Code16 June, 2016 04:01 PMDEble32.0 KB
2016-2017 PISD Dress Code - Spanish16 June, 2016 04:02 PMDEble42.0 KB
5th Grade School Supplies16 June, 2016 01:58 PMDEble12.4 KB
6th Grade School Supplies16 June, 2016 01:59 PMDEble12.4 KB
Keller Bus Routes 2016-1713 September, 2016 01:13 PMDEble38.5 KB

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